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RabenWolf Entertainment is the brainchild of Benjamin Ranzinger (Named after rearranging portions his first, middle and last names). After 11 years of working for a local CBS affiliate, he decided the time was right to break out on his own and start a new venture. Combining his now 24 years of creating television shows, commercials, and documentaries - Ben continues to create award winning videos for a range of clients. From Texas-born country music artist Aaron Watson to the out-spoken and highly controversial actor, gun rights activitist and entertainer, Ted Nugent, each client brought a unique challenge that needed to be addressed - something which Ben and his creative colleagues were able to successfully complete. Let RabenWolf Entertainment bring your video ideas to life!


In his downtime - you can generally find Ben traveling across the U.S. with his wife and two kids - exploring the sights and sounds of America...or one of his many other hobbies which include Amateur (HAM) Radio, Drones, motorcycle rides, and RV camping. Family is a big part of his life and he enjoys the occasional get-together and "grill out" with his sibings and family.

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